Loon Rescues


The Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation is called to action to rescue distressed loons throughout the year, from iced in birds to those who have fishing line wrapped around their heads or who have come down on land. We are fortunate to be able to rescue many of these debilitated loons and either release them or, if a bird is weak or obviously injured, transfer them to a wildlife rehabilitator for further care.

We also receive numerous reports from people who inadvertently mistake normal loon behavior (e.g., taking a bath) for a loon that may have something wrong with it. Such reports are a great opportunity to inform people about normal loon behaviors and provide recommendations on what to look for when a bird is indeed in distress.

We are most grateful to the staff of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and the volunteers of North Country Wild Care for their assistance in responding to loons in need of rescue.