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How Sponsorships Help Adirondack Loons:

When you Sponsor a Loon, you help support the Adirondack Center for Loon Conservation’s efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, band and monitor these magnificent birds. Much can be gained by tracking banded individual loons. Field observations on unmarked populations have provided general knowledge. However, to more fully understand the ecology of this species, marked individuals must be followed over time.

The ACLC has captured and color-banded more than 350 loons in New York’s Adirondack Park. Through this effort, loons have now become the foremost species studied to determine the exposure and effects of mercury across North America.

What We've Learned...

  • Age for first year in breeding plumage: 2 years

  • Age at first breeding: 4 years

  • Oldest known marked individual: 22 years (and counting)

  • Average percent of loons that return to their breeding territory each year: 80%

  • Longest known return of an individual to a breeding territory: 13 years

  • Longest known return of the same pair to the same breeding territory: 9 years

Your Adirondack Loon

Sponsorship Includes: 

  • Personalized Sponsor-a-Loon Certificate with a description of your loon's history

  • 2017 Loon Appreciation Week Poster

  • 8 x 10" color photo suitable for framing

  • ADK LOON Loon Sticker

  • ACLC Bookmark

  • A fact sheet about Common Loons


Give your friends and family a unique present with a loon sponsorship from New York State’s Adirondack Park!