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Biannual Reports

Our periodic Adirondack Loon Biannual Reports summarize the results of the wide variety of projects that have been generously supported our many donors.

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Adirondack Loons - Sentinels of Mercury Pollution in New York's Aquatic Ecosystems

This summary report provides an overview of Common Loon natural history, a section on the conservation concerns affecting their populations, and a summary of the scientific research we conducted, which highlights the impact of mercury pollution to the Adirondack loon population. This report was published in 2012, supported by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

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Restore the Call: New York Status Report for the Common Loon

This report, supported through the Ricketts Conservation Foundation and Biodiversity Research Institute provides an overview of the status and threats affecting the population of Common Loons breeding in New York State.

The Common Loon in the Adirondack Park

This report, published by the Wildlife Conservation Society in 2004, provides an overview of loon natural history and threats affecting loons.