Loon Ecological Studies

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Spearheading loon research

Studying the Common Loon across its life cycle yields critical information to inform wildlife management and conservation about the natural history of, and threats affecting, loons. Our research on the Adirondack Loon populations includes the following: 

  • Assessing the impacts of environmental pollutants

  • Identifying migratory patterns and wintering areas

  • Determining the status of trends in the Adirondack breeding loon population

  • Assessing factors affecting nesting success

  • Evaluating the health of Adirondack loons

As part of our research, we monitor hundreds of uniquely color-banded loons on more than 90 Adirondack lakes each breeding season. The results of our studies provide a scientific basis on which to focus wildlife and environmental conservation efforts in the Adirondack Park and elsewhere in North America.